The Lost Village of Pollphail

By James Carron

The landscape of Scotland is littered with lost communities, most emptied during the notorious Highland Clearances. But there is one abandoned village that dates from much later – the mid-1970s. It is called Pollphail and it is a legacy of the early optimism of the North Sea oil boom.

Mired in financial scandal and branded an expensive while elephant, it is also an uncomfortable reminder of the cost of failure.

Located on the southern tip of the Cowal peninsula, Pollphail was built to house an army of migrant workers. But it was never occupied and for over 35 years this company town has lain empty. The reason is close at hand; less than half a mile away, at Portavadie, concrete oil platforms were to have been constructed in a huge manmade lagoon. But a sudden sea change left the venture high and dry.

Illustrated with colour and black and white photographs, maps and plans, this book charts the fascinating history of Pollphail from construction through to the present day.

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